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We pride ourselves in academic excellence. All our services are tailored to your needs. We provide a complete product ready to submit. With independent proofreading and translation departments, everything is cross-referenced and checked to perfection by our director, who holds a PhD in Law.

Why Choose Wordsmiths?

At Wordsmiths, excellence is our priority. Our editing department is comprised of experienced academics professionally trained in in the art of proofreading and editing. Likewise, our translators have native command in both the source and target languages as well as a strong academic background.

We employ specialists in all academic disciplines and fields, including both the humanities and natural sciences, so that we can assign our clients editors who are experts in the field of their enquiry. All our editing is quality-checked by our chief editor to ensure that we maintain the highest levels of excellence and quality in our service.

We have a dedicated customer service team working round the clock to ensure we provide the most efficient service for our clients. We treat the confidentiality of our clients extremely seriously. We keep the personal details and written work of our clients completely confidential and never allow anyone access to such details except our editors, who are legally bound by our rules of confidentiality.

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