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Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

What do academic proofreading and editing services provide, and why do you need them?

In academia, you need to write, and write often. Essays, presentations, dissertations, journal papers…whatever you’re studying, writing is a huge part of being a student, or indeed an academic.

But can you be sure your writing is always accurate, error-free and easy to read? Unless you’re a trained editor, you probably can’t. That’s where we come in. Our academic proofreading and editing services will take your words and make them better. We have a team of specialist, professional proofreaders and editors ready to polish and perfect your writing.

Our academic proofreading and editing services can:

  • Correct grammar and spelling errors in your work.
  • Improve flow and readability, so your message is clear and strong.
  • Make sure your references are properly formatted.
  • Make sure your work aligns with your university’s style guide.

Editors for our Academic Proofreading and Editing Services

We have a carefully chosen team of experienced editors ready to take on academic proofreading for you. They have a wealth of experience both in editing and academia and hold advanced-level academic qualifications. Many of them hold master’s degrees and PhDs, some have edited prestigious academic journals. In short, they know what they’re doing.

Their experience means that our team can work on any kind of academic writing, from undergraduate essays to PhDs and journal papers. Our academic proofreading and editing services cover all subjects, across the arts, sciences and social sciences. When you send your enquiry to us, we’ll match you with the most suitable editor for your work. They’ll be someone who understands your subject, knows what the expectations of your tutors are likely to be and is able to provide the kind of specialist editing you need to shine.

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Who we work with

We work with anyone involved in academia, at any level. You might be a first-year student, or you might be finishing your PhD. Our flexibility and experience mean our academic proofreading and editing services can help, whoever you are. Our clients come from universities across the UK and the English-speaking world. Some of our academic proofreading and editing services clients have English as a second language, others are native speakers.

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The service was really good and the quality of writing was very professional. Also, it was always delivered on time, as promised.

Abdullah Al-Mutairi

Wordsmiths have always delivered high quality professional translation and editing service. I always received the translations on time as promised. I'm fully satisfied by their service and will go back to them again whenever i need texts translated or edited.

Husam Haj Omar, PhD Translating and Interpreting Studies

Writing an essay was a daunting task for me, especially as I was returning to studies after a long break. Wordsmiths’ services have significantly improved my writing skills due to the number of comments and suggestions in the final piece of my essay. They highlighted my errors and provided examples on how to improve the statement I had made.

Sumayya Choudhury

Wordsmiths were really helpful with the numerous questions I posed, assuring me throughout the time I was writing my essay. It was definitely worth the money I paid as the time and effort placed on the essay demonstrated the quality of work Wordsmiths hold themselves to. They have always met my deadlines, especially when I’ve given them a 9,000 word essay due within 3 days of the deadline!

Nicola Henning

Professional and fast service, highly recommended. I was doing my dissertation last minute and there were spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere. Wordsmiths still managed to get back to me in a matter of days and gave back amazing results. Highly recommend the editing package, I’m so much more confident in my dissertation now!

Redwan Patel

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