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Editing and proofreading services to elevate your writing

Whether you’re a professional, a business owner, a student, or an academic, the chances are that you have to write a lot of words every day. Depending on the situation, the quality of these words can have a major impact on their success.

This is where Wordsmiths comes in with our comprehensive editing and proofreading services. Even native English speakers with a good command of the English language can sometimes do with a helping hand – or, more precisely, another pair of eyes – to check over their written words. Non-native English speakers would often benefit significantly from a little more help in the form of English language editing.

What exactly does proofreading entail?

A common misperception is that proofreading is just a question of spotting ‘typos’, i.e. typographical mistakes such as writing “form” instead of “from” or “very” in lieu of “every”. Because they are spelt correctly, even though they’re being used incorrectly, they tend to slip past online spellcheck tools.

A professional proofreader will be able to spot any such typos by reviewing the text with a fresh pair of eyes – reading what is actually there rather than what you think you wrote. In addition, reputable online proofreading services like ours will highlight and rectify any spelling, punctuation or grammar errors, producing writing that’s polished to perfection. A good analogy is to think of it like a rough diamond being given a buff with a soft cloth until it sparkles and shines; it was fine as it was before but becomes much more attractive afterwards.

If you’re looking for some assistance to cleanse your writing from grammatical and typographical errors, our proofreading service is for you. For your convenience, all changes made by Wordsmiths’ native English proofreaders are tracked using ‘Track Changes’ in Microsoft Word. This makes it easy for you to see what corrections have been made, before accepting or declining them. It may be, for instance, that you used a particular word or construct on purpose; in which case, simply override the suggested correction. Another benefit of using Tracked Changes is that it highlights any repeat mistakes you might make, so that in time you can learn to avoid making them.

We also recognise that speed is often of the essence when you’re up against tight deadlines, so we offer fast proofreading services for those urgent jobs. Rest assured, however, that you still receive the same high standard of work as well as a quick turnaround.

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Dissertation editing and proofreading

Although we proofread and edit all types of documents here at Wordsmiths, our specialism is university assignments for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students. We know, from personal experience, just how stressful it can be trying to juggle heavy workloads and keep up with those never-ending deadlines. And this pressure is made even worse if you’re studying while holding down a full-time job.

University assignments can play a critical role in determining your future career path. It’s therefore incredibly frustrating to get lower marks than you deserve simply because of a poor level of English – especially when it’s your second or third language. If you’ve worked hard to produce a good essay or thesis but worry that grammatical mistakes may lower your marks, our dissertation editing and proofreading service is ideal for you.

Not surprisingly, academic editing is our most popular English editing service – relied on to date by hundreds of students from all the major universities across the UK. As well as proofreading your undergraduate essay, master’s dissertation or PhD thesis, our native English editors will ensure that it reads well. This might involve:

  • Upgrading your words and phrases with more eloquent alternatives
  • Restructuring your sentences and paragraphs to improve the flow
  • Enhancing your writing style and tone of voice.

As a result, your writing is transformed into a lucid and coherent narrative that will hopefully earn you top marks. And, like with our proofreading services, all editorial changes are made using Track Changes in Microsoft Word for your ease of reference.

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Why choose Wordsmiths?

Wordsmiths is one of the UK’s most trusted English editing services. We’re registered as a limited company, meaning you can rest assured that your words – as well as your money – are in safe hands.

Our clients’ needs are our highest priority. We therefore endeavour to relieve your stress by providing the most efficient and quality English editing service possible. It’s essential that native speakers carry out any English language editing or English proofreading to ensure accuracy and authenticity. Here at Wordsmiths we ONLY employ native English editors and proofreaders. Not only that, but they are all fully trained in their craft and experts in their relevant fields. So you can be sure that your text will receive the attention it deserves by qualified professionals.

But that’s not all. As part of our unrivalled quality control procedure, every single project is double checked by our chief editor/managing director. On the rare occasions that an editor makes a mistake, this robust system ensures that it will be caught and rectified before the document is despatched to you. Having completed a law degree, a master’s and currently undertaking a PhD in law, his personal speciality is proofreading law essays. So if you’re having some trouble with your law dissertation, do get in touch.

However, we don’t just provide editing and proofreading services at Wordsmiths. We also offer a range of complementary word-based services that may be of interest to you – either now or at some point in the future. These are:

  • Paraphrasing – know what to say but struggling with how to word it?
  • Translation – need professional translations into/from 15 languages?
  • CV/cover letter – want to make your next job application stand out from the competition?

Whether you choose editing, proofreading or one of our other wordsmithing services, you can be confident of receiving unparalleled standards of excellence, quality and customer service.

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The service was really good and the quality of writing was very professional. Also, it was always delivered on time, as promised.

Abdullah Al-Mutairi

Wordsmiths have always delivered high quality professional translation and editing service. I always received the translations on time as promised. I'm fully satisfied by their service and will go back to them again whenever i need texts translated or edited.

Husam Haj Omar, PhD Translating and Interpreting Studies

Writing an essay was a daunting task for me, especially as I was returning to studies after a long break. Wordsmiths’ services have significantly improved my writing skills due to the number of comments and suggestions in the final piece of my essay. They highlighted my errors and provided examples on how to improve the statement I had made.

Sumayya Choudhury

Wordsmiths were really helpful with the numerous questions I posed, assuring me throughout the time I was writing my essay. It was definitely worth the money I paid as the time and effort placed on the essay demonstrated the quality of work Wordsmiths hold themselves to. They have always met my deadlines, especially when I’ve given them a 9,000 word essay due within 3 days of the deadline!

Nicola Henning

Professional and fast service, highly recommended. I was doing my dissertation last minute and there were spelling and grammar mistakes everywhere. Wordsmiths still managed to get back to me in a matter of days and gave back amazing results. Highly recommend the editing package, I’m so much more confident in my dissertation now!

Redwan Patel

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